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Project Description
Meerkat sends admins an email alert whenever a disk runs low on free space. Written in C# .NET, Meerkat is a tiny unintrusive service configured by a separate small GUI. From the GUI you can set which disks to monitor, the free space threshold, who to notify, and the location of an SMTP server. Runs on Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and Windows XP/Vista. The project is a Visual Studio 2010 project.

I've also included the setup and deployment project which creates a single .MSI for fast deployment. It'll install the service and GUI, you just need to run the GUI post-install to configure Meerkat.

Why write another disk space checker when there's already quite a few out there? I guess there are two categories of checkers - suites like What's Up Gold that perform all sorts of checks and cost plenty of cash, or shareware apps that do exactly what Meerkat does but ask you to pay for it. I couldn't find anything that was simple, small and free. So I wrote Meerkat, and it's been monitoring a variety of servers in the workplace and at home for a few years now.

Want to contribute?
Please do! Don't want something that sends an email? Want it to connect to a web service instead? No problem - just replace the kensei.notify call.

Release Builds
Lots of people rely on this software every day, and you might too, and for that reason the setup package will only contain tested release builds - no nightly or debug builds. After-all, what's the point of having a sleeping sentry?

Using Meerkat with AntiVirus installed?
The other day I noticed Meerkat was unable to send a disk space email alert. The culprit? McAfee Enterprise VirusScan. It's fairly common today for AntiVirus applications, especially ones running on servers, to prevent spam and other nasty emails being sent maliciously from your servers. Remember, if you're installing Meerkat in this sort of environment, ensure your antivirus package allows the meerkat service to send emails!

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